In a world where natural resources are limited and on the brink of depletion, where droughts, diseases and unavailability of fuel are killing hundreds daily, it’s crucial to bring about a change in the way we live.

And we, at Pumarth Group strive to be this change.

The Pumarth Group strongly believes in the concept of sustainable development and is working hard towards implementing new and innovative techniques it implement it.

We believe that sustainable development is the organisation and usage of the available limited natural resources in a manner that we fulfil the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future generations.

The idea is not minimal usage, but minimal wastage along with optimal utilisation and maximum efficiency.

Pumarth’s properties are enhanced with large landscaped gardens, abundant trees and plants, open spaces and waterfalls. These have been spread out not only for adding aesthetic beauty to the projects but also to provide a greener and cleaner environment.

Taking into account the problems cities in India are facing due to lack of water, Pumarth’s properties are to be equipped with full water-harvesting systems and STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants) which help us have a continuous provision of water.

Pumarth Group realizes the need of the hour and therefore, we work towards installing a large number of solar panels and LED lighting systems which not only ensure the provision of electricity at minimal costs but also help save a lot of electricity.

At Pumarth, we believe, that all fast growing companies in the world have the opportunity to do something for the greater good along the way and we, the Pumarth Group, promise to do our bit.

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