Quality at Pumarth

Pumarth infrastructure is known for the benchmark it has set for quality in the real estate industry. We are amongst the few players that place quality construction, sustainability and customer contentment above profitability therefore we have taken special care in small and important things.

In our upcoming projects, including Bliss, we will have plot beams, which clearly mark the plot area (thus no room for manipulation of plot area), height, depth and footings of the boundary walls to ensure longevity and clog-free drainage systems and road detailing (thicker more durable than city standards).

Rainwater harvesting, Sewage treatment plant, drip irrigation, solar energy harvesting, Fly Ash bricks (sustainable option for construction purposes) and plantation of more than ten thousand plants over our communities will also be a part of our ongoing projects like Bliss.

With the most quality assured construction, green and sustainable options, great locations and various amenities we strive to make our customers happy!

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